Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ciento Once Prototype by GWA Is One of a Kind

Making careful changes to the original design and updating it with modern details, the”Ciento Once” was created

The Forgotten Gullwing. Back in 1970, this car was a hero, breaking all the records with its revolutionary Wankel diesel engine. A few prototypes where built, but never came out as a production model.

Arturo Alonso, GWA owner, felt that this beautiful and legendary car deserved a revival. Making careful changes to the original design and updating it with modern details, he created, what he calls, the”Ciento Once”.

Housed in a tubular space frame chassis, the power plant is a M120 Mercedes V12 engine with 408 HP, which can be admired trough a glass on the rear deck. The robust engine is paired with a 6-speed Cima H type transaxle and a special tuned exhaust.

The Ciento Once will feature a slightly shorter wheelbase than the original (103 in) and maintain the weight around 1,400kg. Assisted by the upgraded suspension with coil-overs, to adjust the ride and height, and the same braking set up as the S55 Mercedes Benz, this car will definitely be fun to drive.

The body will be hand made out of aluminum and includes the electric-operated rear adjustable wing to help it grip the pavement. For aerodynamics, a rear diffuser and front spoiler with a big air intake will guide the air flow into the radiators and then out through the hood vents.

The interior of the Ciento Once resembles the original from the 70’s with some updated features: carbon fiber seats covered in plaid, instrumentation modeled after a W120R MB (including the radio and the a/c control unit), brushed aluminum pedals, dashboard accent, and illuminated door sills.

Using the same set up as the SLS, the car runs on staggered GWA Type A wheels, 19X9 front and 20X11 rears, with 265/35/19 and 295/30/20 rubber.

The Ciento Once prototype, which will likely be one of a kind, will be painted in brilliant silver with black accents and matching interior.

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