Sunday, June 13, 2010



The BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo represents ALPINA's fourth generation based on the BMW 7 Series. Prominent predecessors include the BMW ALPINA B12 6.0 and B7, which raised the bar in the high-performance luxury saloon segment. Newly interpreted and in every way state-of-the-art, the B7 Bi-Turbo unites exclusiveness, athleticism and comfort in perfect harmony.

Yielding exquisite levels of torque and power from the charged 4.4 litre V8, and in conjunction with the electronically-adjustable suspension with active roll stabilisation, the B7 Bi-Turbo promises to offer a spectrum of driving experiences so varied as to be unheard of in this class of automobiles.

The evolution of the traditional 20-spoke 21” ALPINA CLASSIC wheels underline the fresh design language found throughout the B7 Bi-Turbo and impart it a distinctive appearance and powerful stance.


For the first time, ALPINA combines its powerful, torque-laden flagship with an optional all-wheel-drive system for even more traction and active safety in every and any driving situation.

The B7 Bi-Turbo with all-wheel-drive exploits the technical potential of BMW’s xDrive System and its intelligent and dynamic distribution of drive power. It continuously and fully variable distributes torque between the front and rear axle within milliseconds.

ALPINA’s unique mapping of the torque distribution markedly enhances driving dynamics and agility, especially when cornering, enabling unexpected levels of sporty handling. In addition to offering maximum available traction under acceleration, the system provides exceptional levels of active safety by constantly monitoring the driving situation and distributing torque accordingly.

Unique: in combination with the electronic suspension, consisting of Variable Damper Control and Dynamic Drive (active roll stabilisation), the driver can influence the dynamic torque distribution of the all-wheel-drive system using the Drive Dynamic Control buttons to select between the programs.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010


new 306 Cubic Inches 340 hp Crate Engine!!
  • E303 Camshaft - Automatic or Manual Transmission
  • Engine shown with water pump, sold separately
  • 306 cubic inch
  • 340 hp @ 5500 RPM
  • 9.0:1 compression ratio (nominal)
  • Forged Mahle Pistons 4.030"
  • Aluminum Ford Racing "X" cylinder heads, M-6049-X306 with 1.94" intake valves and 1.54" exhaust valves (production is 1.78"/1.45")
  • 50in/oz imbalance rotating assembly (common to 1981 and newer 302's)
  • Seasoned block and precision ground crankshaft
  • "Ford Racing" polished aluminum valve covers M-6000-K302R, optional valve covers sold separately
  • Production forged steel connecting rods
  • New production 4-bolt crankshaft damper M-6316-M50
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft M-6250-E303, .498" lift intake and exhaust, duration at .050" is 220 degrees intake and exhaust
  • Double roller timing chain set
  • New rear sump oil pan M-6675-A50, fits most Fox body cars
  • New oil pump
  • Water pump not included. Use water pump M-8501-G351 standard rotation applications. Water pump M-8501-C50 for reverse rotation applications (1986-1993) Mustangs. For short serpentine or 1994-1995 Mustangs use kit M-8501-A50 Short V-belt use water pump M-8501-E351S. For full details see other water pumps and timing chain covers
  • Flywheel not included. Requires 50 in/oz. imbalance flywheel M-6375-B302 (T-5) or flexplate M-6375-A50 (AOD)
  • Can be used in kit cars, street rods, Mustangs, Fox-bodied cars, and trucks

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Peugeot Hoggar : Premier Pick-up brésilien

Conçu et fabriqué au Brésil pour le marché brésilien, le nouveau pick-up Hoggar, décliné de la riche famille 207, est parfaitement adapté aux attentes de la clientèle locale. Il permet à Peugeot de confirmer et d’amplifier son statut et son ancrage de constructeur local, implanté en terre brésilienne depuis 17 ans.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Toyota: Véhicules hybrides rechargeables à Strasbourg

Nouvelle étape vers la mobilité durable : lancement d’une démonstration de véhicules hybrides rechargeables à Strasbourg

Toyota, EDF, la Ville et la Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg lancent aujourd’hui une démonstration en grandeur réelle de véhicules hybrides rechargeables. Ce projet, qui permettra d’expérimenter une centaine de véhicules hybrides rechargeables (VHR) confiés à des partenaires publics et privés de Strasbourg et de sa région, ainsi qu’un réseau d’infrastructures de charge dédiées, a reçu le soutien du fonds démonstrateur pour la recherche sur les véhicules décarbonés géré par l’ADEME.

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