Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arash AF10

Engine :
All aluminium, titanium con rods, forged pistons and crank shaft. Hand assembled engine by General Motors USA Michagan. 550bhp and 555nm torque. Exceptional power from a lightweight unit. Emissions one of the best in the world. 7 litre capacity. Dry sumped, separate oil cooling and fly by wire throttle.

Body :
100% carbon construction using aluminium honeycomb and nomex panels for sandwich strength.
Rear window and driver to engine compartment window made of non shatter and scratch resistant plastic. Front windows and side windows are constructed of laminated glass.
All body parts have been constructed using the carbon autoclave process of eliminating excess resins via pressure and heat to make parts lighter and stiffer than ever constructed.

Chassis :
Modular Carbon Chassis – super light, super strong and reduced manufacture time and cost. Patented design of modular construction. 13 parts assembled into a jig and bonded at temperature. Accurate dimensions as well fantastic performance as a stiff and strong chassis for driving.
98kg weight of tub. steel sub structures front and rear.
Excellent protection from crash – front and rear sub assemblies. Rear impact bars and side rear impact struts.
Side panels of chassis over looped to provide triple protection.
Triple galleries under chassis – allows tidy packaging of water pipes, air conditioning pipes and brake lines. Prevents heat traveling into driver cabin and allows easy access for inspection.
Fuel tanks integrated into rear chassis pontoons. Ideal for weight distribution and crash compliance.

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