Monday, October 01, 2012

Ferrari F12berlinetta

The F12berlinetta not only ushers in a whole new generation of Prancing Horse 12-cylinders but is also the most powerful and high performance Ferrari ever built.

The F12berlinetta’s 200-bar, direct-injection 6262 cc 65° V12 delivers absolutely unprecedented performance for a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder engine in terms of both power and revs. It has a maximum power output of 740 CV at 8250 rpm, while its specific power output is 118 CV/l, a record for this kind of engine. Responsiveness and strong pick-up are assured by maximum torque of 690 Nm, 80 per cent of which is already on tap at 2500 rpm.

Exceptional strides have also been made with regard to fuel consumption and emissions both of which have been slashed by 30% to 15l/100 km and 350 g/km of CO2, making the F12berlinetta a benchmark for its reference segment.

Its wheelbase is also shorter, the engine and driver seat have been lowered and the rear in more compact thanks to the new suspension and gearbox layout. It is a shorter, lower and narrower car than the previous V12 coupé. Weight distribution is ideal too (54% at the rear) while the centre of gravity is lower and has been moved rearwards in the chassis.

Type: 65° V12
Bore/stroke: 3.7 x 2.96 in
Total capacity: 382.13 cu in
Compression ratio: 13.5:1
Maximum power **: 545 kW (740 CV) at 8250 rpm
Specific power output: 88 KW/ cu in
Maximum torque: 690 Nm at 6000 rpm
Maximum revs: 8700 rpm

Length: 181,8 in
Width: 76,5 in
Height: 50,1 in
Wheelbase: 107,1 in
Front track: 65,6 in
Rear track: 63,7 in
Dry weight*: 3362,0 lb
Kerb weight*: 3593,5 lb
Weight distribution: 46% front, 54% rear
Fuel tank: 24.3 US gal (20.2 UK/gal)
Front Tyres and rims: 255/35 ZR 20 9.5J
Rear Tyres and rims: 315/35 ZR 20 11.5J
CCM 3 brakes Front: 15,7 x 8,8 x 1,5 inch
CCM 3 brakes Rear: 14,2 x 9,2 x 1,3 inch
Gearbox: F1 dual-clutch 7-speed

Maximum speed: over 211 mph
0-100 km/h: 3.1 sec
0-200 km/h: 8.5 sec
Fuel consumption: Combined 15l/100 km
CO2 emissions: Combined 350 g/km

* With lightweight options
** Engine power is expressed in kW, in accordance with
the International System of Units (SI) and in CV (1KW= 1.3596216 CV). With dynamic overboost

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