Monday, December 13, 2010

New Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System

Radio Navigation System for Classic Porsche Models
Be reliably guided through Paris by touchscreen in a roaring 911 from the 1970's, or enjoy the latest songs from Jamie Cullum on a tour through Alpine passes in a 944 — all this is now possible. Owners of classic Porsche models who are unwilling to accept any breaches in style in the interior no longer have to forgo state-of-the art communication technology. Porsche Classic offers a new radio navigation system for Europe in a classic design. The device is suitable for all vehicles with a 12 V battery and a 1-DIN slot — in other words, all Porsche classic models, from the first 911, the 914 to the front-engine models (924 to 968, 928) to the last air-cooled 911 (993).

The completely black design takes you back a few decades, starting with the two control buttons. The left button is used to control the volume and the right button is a disguised rocker switch. The device's key feature is the 3.5-inch touchscreen. In addition to the navigation itself, you can also find points of interest (POIs) such as Porsche contract workshops, attractions and restaurants. Furthermore, the device displays both your driving speed and the permissible speed limit. All other high-tech features are discreetly hidden. These features include a USB connection and a Bluetooth hands-free facility for a mobile phone. At the push of a button, the whole cover flips forward, providing access to the slot for a CD or DVD. When the cover is open, the device software can also be updated without needing to remove the device. Porsche provides regular updates.

The net price for the radio navigation system, excluding country-specific taxes, is EUR 595.00. For a small extra charge (EUR 655.00, excluding country-specific taxes), the device comes equipped with automatic traffic jam avoidance, Traffic Message Channel (TMC).

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