Saturday, December 25, 2010

McLaren MP4-12C

15 years since a McLaren F1 GTR famously won the gruelling Le Mans 24 Hours race on its debut, McLaren has begun development work to turn the new MP4-12C into a limited volume of GT3 racing cars. These will be available in time for 2012 GT3 championships.

With its revolutionary, carbon fibre MonoCell, the 12C is proving to be a natural platform on which to develop a race-winning car.

We would encourage interest from professional race teams who would like to be amongst the first to own and race the latest GT car from McLaren.

The McLaren MP4?12C is a high performance two-seat mid-engine model in the ‘core’ sports car market sector for cars costing between £125,000 and £175,000.

“Worldwide demand for high performance cars is strong, in large part because of great cars from great competitors. With McLaren joining that list, it will grow stronger still. What we are offering is a new approach to the market,” said Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive Chairman.

The McLaren MP4?12C is powered by a twin-turbocharged, 3.8 litre 90° V8 engine - the ‘M838T’. This marks the start of a new era in ‘core’ segment sports cars ? smaller capacity, lighter weight, higher efficiency and more economical power units. The engine has the highest specific power output in its segment which, when allied to its low weight carbon composite chassis, delivers exemplary power- and torque- to weight ratios.

‘M838T’ is a unique McLaren power unit, developed specifically for the 12C. It is compact, lightweight, very stiff, and offers an uncompromising combination of high performance and good driveability with excellent economy and CO2 emission values.


Packaging was fundamental to the McLaren MP4?12C design challenge. Externally, the car had to be compact, yet internally it had to offer an unparalleled driver and passenger environment where comfort and driving enjoyment were not compromised.

“With the interior, we have created a real step forward in the packaging of a sports car. Moving the driver and passenger closer together improves driving control, but comfort levels are segment-leading” said Frank Stephenson, McLaren Automotive Design Director.

The McLaren MP4?12C MonoCell, or ‘tub’, not only brings dynamic benefits, but also offers fundamental engineering opportunities that form the basis of the car’s unique character. It has been designed to allow a much narrower structure overall which in turn contributes to a more compact car that is easier to position on the road and more rewarding to drive.

This is the first time a car in this market segment has been based around such a strong and lightweight racing car engineering solution and the first time any car has ever featured a one-piece carbon fibre structure. This step change in sports car design means that the 12C introduces new standards not just in handling, ride and outright performance, but also economy and practicality in an already very competitive sector.

The suspension for the McLaren MP4?12C breaks new ground, offering hitherto unseen levels of roll control and grip.

The car’s extreme levels of dynamic handling performance would normally imply a rock-hard ride, but the 12C delivers compliance and ride comfort more akin to an executive saloon car. The mix of occupant cosseting and sporting potential is truly unique. The 12C offers the driver both class-leading ride comfort and class-leading track performance.

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