Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JE Pistons: Asymmetrical Pistons

Asymmetrical Pistons

JE Pistons is bringing the benefits of asymmetrical skirt design to the popular LS engine platform. Previously offered only for a broad base of high-revving performance import engines, asymmetrical pistons are now available for race and street applications across the GM LS engine architecture.

If you’re not familiar with asymmetrical pistons, you’ll easily grasp the concept with one glance at the accompanying photos. One side skirt is noticeably larger than the opposite. This design takes advantage of an engine dynamic — whereby piston force against the cylinder wall is greater on the piston’s major thrust side, which is related to the direction of engine rotation. More surface area is required to accommodate that higher thrust loading, but the opposite doesn’t see those forces, and therefore doesn’t require as much surface area.

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