Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1969 Rupp Super Sno-Sport

Dual tracks, with a Hillborn Fuel injected 308 Ford with Gurney Eagle heads. It puts out 525h.p at 7500rpm. Built by Jim Head and driven by Mickey Rupp himself - this is 1 of 1 Produced.

The world's first snowmobile dragster was the Rupp Super Sno-Sport, a 525 horsepower (at 7500rpm), 308 cubic inch racing research racing. Its top speed was estimaed at 150 mph and braking is by disk brakes on the drive axle coupled with a cable-release parachute. It was conceived by H.E. (Mick) Rupp, 32 year old president of the Ohio company, who havs successfully raced at the Indy 500, Sprint and karting tracks all over the USA. The Super Sno-Sport weights 1,000 pounds and was valued in excess of $50.000.

Notice: I know this isn't strictly a car but I tought it Worth an entry on this blog...

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