Saturday, December 14, 2013

1963 Giugiaro's Chevrolet Testudo

Bill Mitchell at GM styling sent two Corvair chassis to Italy with an idea towards selling a European styled Corvair on the continent. One went to Pininfarina and the other to Bertone, where Giugiaro was working.
The Testudo held a special place in Giugiaro’s heart. “There’s something special and affectionate about what I feel for the Testudo. It was the first prototype with which I had been given a free hand, without restraints, and the end result captured the attention of the entire automobile world.”
Even if Bill Mitchell’s idea of a localized Euro Corvair never came true, it led to a very influential concept cars, and Tony Lapine himself said that it directly influenced his design of the Porsche 928.

(Testudo is Italian for turtle, an allusion to the sharp beltline separating top and bottom halves of the car)

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