Friday, December 06, 2013

G-POWER celebrates 30 years of „first class performance“

 G-POWER celebrates 30 Years of „first class performance“ and present an all new Mono-Kompressor system for the BMW M5/M6 V10 Engine – 580 hp for just 7.300 € excl. VAT

G-POWER has transferred to the new M5/M6 V10 Mono-Kompressor system the successful concept of the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system, introduced for the BMW 3 series and Z4 about 10 years ago.
The basic idea behind the G-POWER SK Plus concept is the “soft charging” of the standard engine with boost levels as low as 0,3 bar rel. (about 4.4 psi). The advantage: with this relatively low boost level the intake air won’t heat up too much. Thus a complex intercooling system is superfluous and still an impressive power output enhancement of 77 hp for the BMW V10 engine, adding up to 580 hp in max output, can be achieved. No intercooling system, only one supercharger and a leaner belt drive compared to the one of the Bi-Kompressor system – this reduces the needed parts of the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system significantly, and with it the production cost which leads to the extremely low starting price of just 7.300 € excl. VAT. A 600 hp version is available for a small surcharge of 650 € excl. VAT. With the M5/M6 V10 supercharger system „GP Edition 30 Years“ G-POWER, being the only one in the world, has launched a product for the BMW S85 V10 engine that provides for a power output enhancement that is significantly larger than with any other traditional tuning method like for example chip-tuning, racing headers, stoker engine and co; and all this for an extremely low price.

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