Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chevrolet 2014 Corvette Stingray

The Stingray is designed on purpose. Low, light and lean. Provocative, purposeful and sculpted for optimal performance. A beautiful weapon against convention.

The benchmark of aerodynamic prowess. Functional exterior vents create a totally new breathing experience to reduce lift and minimize drag. Increased downforce keeps the car planted. Advanced ventilation systems flow from front to back, cooling critical components of a perfectly balanced powertrain. Efficient airflow controls temperatures and improves vehicle handling. Stunning design meets racing strategy.

This is no bottom breather. A functional hood extractor directs hot air from the front grille up and out of the engine compartment. Each blade is precisely angled for optimal airflow. The result is reduced front-end lift, increased downforce and improved handling at high speeds.

The Z51 Performance Package includes dual brake ducts to transport air from the front grille through the wheelwells to effectively cool front brakes and expel heat. Efficient airflow controls temperature, reduces brake fade and optimizes stopping performance.

Dual rear quarter panel intake vents guide airflow to cool two separate heat exchangers. One routes air to the transmission oil cooler. The other cools the rear differential. Hot air escapes through tailored rear taillamp vents and lower-rear fascia outlets.
A system adapted from Corvette Racing to reduce temperatures during high-performance driving.

With the turn of a dial, everything changes. Five distinct, selectable driver modes electronically calibrate up to 12 performance variables to customize the car for any road. With the optional Z51 Performance Package, available Performance Traction Management offers five settings of torque reduction and brake intervention for more confident driving on the road.

Engine : LT1 6.2L V-8
Horsepower / Torque : 450 / 450 (estimated)
Fuel delivery : Direct Injection
Compression ratio : 11.5:1
Manual Transmission : 7-speed with Active Rev Match
Automatic Transmission : 6-speed paddle-shift
Chassis : Std, Z51, Z51 with Magnetic Selective Ride

Tires : Michelin Pilot Sport ZP run-flat    
Wheels : 18" front / 19" rear, 19" front / 20" rear (Z51)    
Three Available Option Groups :  1LT, 2LT, 3LT
Available Roof Options : Painted Carbon Fiber, Visible Carbon Fiber, Transparent

Wheelbase (in/mm) : 106.7 / 2710
Overall length (in/mm) : 177 / 4495
Overall width (in/mm) : 73.9 / 1877
Overall height (in/mm) : 48.6 / 1235
Weight distribution (%) : 50 / 50 (front/rear)
Track (in) : 62.8 / 61.6 (front/rear)
Brake Diameter (in) : 12.6 (13.6 Z51) (front), 13.3 (rear)

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