Friday, June 14, 2013


Success in a row: The G-POWER M5 wins for the second time the sport auto- Award – the readers choice of the magazine “sport auto”
In the 33rd edition of the sport auto- Award the 725 hp strong G-POWER M5 has won first place in its category “Sedans over 80.000 Euro” with huge distance to its competitors. The second place in the category “Coupés over 80.000 Euro” has been won by the 720 hp strong G-POWER M3 RS featuring a G-POWER supercharger system. A third place has been won by the G-POWER 1M Coupé with 435 hp in its category “Coupés until 80.000 Euro”. 
With this result G-POWER has repeated its success with the M5 from the year before; already in 2012 the G-POWER M5 has won its category “Coupés over 80.000 Euro”, just like the G-POWER M3 RS has won the second place in its category in 2012. This result shows, that G-POWER  is “the” brand when it comes to powerful  and top- class Sedans and Coupés.     
Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants of this survey in general and our fans and customers in particular, for this awesome result at the sport auto- Award 2013. A success like this is an incentive for us to keep up our efforts in order to provide you with technical masterpieces for your BMW in the future.

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